Harness The Powers of Mystical Alchemy

It is time to gather your power back and remember who you really are.  Who you were born to be.  It is time to rise up and  to move through these challenging times with skills and ancient future technologies that will serve and empower you for the rest of your life. 


July 22nd to October 7th

Here's What You'll Learn

This three month initiation will empower you with tools that will support you in every area of your life. It will be invaluable in assisting you in navigating these turbulent times with the skills and knowledge of ancient future mystics.

*  Learn energy practices that will empower and harness your spiritual energy

*  Learn how to clear and empower your home and physical space that is conducive to creativity, wellness and inspiration

* Learn Mystical Alchemist Tools to empower and inspire your soul's journey into manifestation

* Learn how to align with the the creative energy of the cycles of Nature

*  Learn how to be a Sacred Activist for healing and transformation of the world around you

* Learn communication skills that will help you to create bridges of healing and connection

* Learn how to use your dream time in a way that supports your dreams and desires

* Develop your intuition

Heather Salmon

Heather Salmon is an inspiring healer, priestess, cultural creative, agent of change and recording artist. Driven by a knowing that we can create a new way of being on Earth that is sustainable, just, and thriving, Heather’s passion is to inspire change through sharing spiritual and lifestyle practices that cultivate peace and harmony!

She has over 25 years of experience as a healer and is an ordained priestess in the Temple of Isis and Essene lineages and is extensively trained in the healing and performing arts.

She is the co-author of Rise, Amazing Woman, Rise and Lead, Amazing Woman.

Donny Regal

A true renaissance man, Donny is a certified Life Coach, Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapist, as well as being a highly accomplished keyboardist who works with music as a spiritual source of inspiration, healing, and spiritual awakening. 

He has provided musical support for spiritual events, ceremonies, dances, and tantric pujas for the last 25 years and has produced many acclaimed spiritual and new age albums.

He is highly versed in compassionate communication and is constantly integrating it into his tantric practice. He is the developer of "The Lovers Language". 

Twin Flames, Donny and Heather have been together for over 10 years and reside at the beautiful Black Swan Temple, their eco sanctuary in Maui, Hawaii that they cofounded.  

Together they have produced over 25 popular Mystical Alchemy sound healing journeys (available through their temple shop).  They have been innovative pioneers in the field of ritual, sound healing, sacred activism, transformation and performing arts and have collaborated with many of the world's leading edge cultural creatives.

They offer ongoing yoga and sound healing transformative retreats and have recently also published the World Fusion Plant Based Recipe Book, which is based off of the recipes that their retreat clients rave about!   In addition, they also offer sacred pilgrimages through Ancient Egypt, mystery school trainings, and Mystical Alchemy Sound Healing Ceremonies!

The current global events has created this rare opportunity to study with them more deeply in a virtual online format.

Enjoy this a glimpse into their world ... 


Mystical Alchemy Soul Alignment

This course includes ...

12 Weekly Calls

Weekly focusing zoom calls with Heather and Donny.  Replays will be posted to online course.  (Wednesdays at 4pm PT)

Experiential Learning

Practical exercise, worksheets and assignments.

Online Community

Become part of a dynamic caring community.  Be seen, heard and supported.

Certificate of Completion

This is the first module of our Black Swan Temple Priest/ess Ordination Program.

Join us for the Mystical Alchemy Soul Alignment

The opportunity is right here, right now... You just need to take it ...

July 22nd to October 7th

We begin in ...









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